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2 years ago

ade Screen Hotel has been lived at the top of the world. At the top tourist will be rewarded with sweeping views of China’s Huanhshan mountain range endlessness with the rising and setting sun. It has been well-known to be the ancient site, thick with lore and there is a 1500-year-old- pine tree. The hotel has been expressing the culture of China. One of the distincts is the sauna and massage methods used inside the hotel. It helps soothe those aches and pains picked

2 years ago

Plaza Hotel – is a luxury lifestyle destination and an iconic urban resort with a new and contemporary spirit with Beaux Arts décor, Tea in the Palm Court, elegent Champagne Bar. During the 1890s the Plaza Hotel was a fashionable address. Not only is the large building, but also it has been equipped with the latest facilities. In 1959, the Fifth Avenue Hotel called “first modern New York Hotel”. In 1971 The New York Times architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable, called it “New York’s most celebrated symbol of cosmopolitan and turn of the century splendor, inside and out”.

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